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SPECTEXT® is a comprehensive specification writing system designed for architects, engineers, specification writers, project managers, designers, owners, government agencies and other design professionals.

SPECTEXT® provides an accepted industry standard framework for writing technically superior specs in less time from the simplest to the most sophisticated project designs whether you are writing project specs or building your own customized company master.

SPECTEXT® Full-length Sections are designed to offer the majority of architectural and engineering offices access to a method of preparing accurate, competent construction specifications for their projects. Its content is designed for the medium-sized construction project with provisions for expansion to larger projects, to multiple contract work, to construction management work, and other variations.

SPECTEXT® II, an abridged version of SPECTEXT®, helps you develop specifications for less complex facilities, such as light commercial, multi-family residential and low-rise buildings.

In addition to being the only master guide system that addresses MasterFormat 04 Divisions 1-44 and MasterFormat 95 Divisions 1-16 in one set of specification files, SPECTEXT® is the only system that conforms to PageFormat, SectionFormat and the Project Resource Manual: Manual of Practice published by the Construction Specifications Institute. SPECTEXT® coordinates with Standard General Condition Documents published by EJCDC and AIA.

With 33 specification libraries, over 960 Sections, and more than 10,000 pages of pre-written master guide specifications, SPECTEXT® offers the right libraries and Sections for your projects.

When you subscribe to SPECTEXT®, you willl benefit from a system with a proven track record and over 29 years of ongoing development and successful use.

Today's Tools of the Trade

With over 15,000 Notes to the Specifier and 4,200 standards referenced within its Sections, SPECTEXT® presents you with resources and options, and asks questions to help you make correct choices and the best decisions. SPECTEXT® clearly communicates project requirements and greatly simplifies specification preparation significantly reducing specification preparation effort.

SPECTEXT® Sections and related information can be retrieved easily and edited to accommodate large projects, multiple contract work, construction management and other broad-based uses, as well as smaller, less complex projects.

SPECTEXT® makes editing specifications easier with streamlined language, consistent Section formatting, Notes to the Specifier, Section Includes, Related Sections, referenced standards, choices, and Web links to current manufacturer and product information provided in every section. SPECTEXT® reduces Section text and conveys the point clearly through paragraph headings and imperative mood. EDITSPEC Section-Editing Tools, SPECTEXT® Glossary and SPECTEXT® Speller, included with your library, eliminate repetitive manual tasks and enables you to create custom tools tailored to fit your spec writing needs.

Together, SPECTEXT® and EDITSPEC increase your staffs efficiency and adherence to industry standards, minimizing errors and reducing overall specification preparation time. SPECTEXT® and EDITSPEC work seamlessly with your favorite Microsoft® Word or Corel® WordPerfect® word processing software.

Less is Best!

SPECTEXT® doesn't require you learn a new software application or waste your time with long-winded explanations and repetitive language. Using concise, understandable language, SPECTEXT® gives you expert guide specifications designed to communicate clearly, minimize RFIs and your editing time. SPECTEXT® gives you help where you need it Notes to the Specifier and other aids are in the Section where you need them, NOT in a separate help file.

Written by Practicing Professional Specifiers

SPECTEXT® is written and maintained by nationally recognized, practicing architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical specifiers who collectively represent over 125 years experience in preparing project specifications for projects in all disciplines. Information gathered by SPECTEXT® specifiers from actual project use, practical experiences, and contractors questions, help you reduce errors and questions during construction.

Global Updating Keeps SPECTEXT® More Current

Are you still relying on quarterly updates to maintain the content in your specifications? What about the sections that weren't updated? Are they on a four-five year update cycle?

SPECTEXT® continuously updates its section content globally throughout the entire SPECTEXT® library. When a code or standard referenced in SPECTEXT® is updated, every affected section in all SPECTEXT® libraries is updated at the same time. Comprehensive Summary of Changes reports keep SPECTEXT® users informed about all of the changes made in SPECTEXT® whenever new and updated information is published. This philosophy greatly simplifies update management for SPECTEXT® users.

The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc.

Created in 1978, SPECTEXT® is a program of The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit foundation established in 1967 by the Construction Specifications Institute. Licensing fees fund SPECTEXT® development and maintenance and enable CSRF to research new programs that address the integration and communication of technical information in the AEC industry.